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Natya marked by refinement”


“….A superb rendering of Bharatanatyam. Usha performed classical natya in a style that was both attractive & respectable. She combined sharpness of movement and grace in a fashion that bore the mark of talent with an innate sense of refinement. This made her sophistication wear a natural look. There was an appealing touch of understatement in Usha’s movements and expression and every aspect of her natya clicked aided by her pleasing figure and expressive countenance”


        The Hindu, Chennai


“… She is an exquisite exponent of this classical form of dance. Her recital was greatly appreciated by the Prime Minister of France…”


           ­- The Indian Ambassador, Paris


“Happy Heralds”


Usha was absolutely superb. On small feet and slim ankles she could by turns be swift and fleet as a darting snake or grand and majestic like Krishna on Kurukshetra’s righteous field displaying his awesome visvaroopa. Her ease had come from long hours of rigorous practice and her precision and economy of movement and gesture from hard, careful and minute study of her art and craft…. And the total effect was that Usha transformed the stage, the audience, the hall in all, and took us all up to a refined level of perception …

-          Financial Express, Chennai


“….Usha was able to communicate instantly her great joy and involvement in her art through her vibrantly expressive abhinaya. She danced with ebullience and vivacity that went well with her explicitly sharp nritta. There was a finesse in her interpretation of sahithya and in her foot work that even in accelerated paces retained their immaculate clarity and accuracy …”

-            Indian Express, Chennai


“...Her style is pure and clear that only a little effort is required to comprehend the significance of the art so much so that even public unaware of Bharatanatyam can follow easily. She is one of the best and one of the most beautiful Indian dancers”


-          Lions International, Paris


Natya marked by vivid quality”


” It was, indeed, a very accomplished and expressive display of natya…. Her quality stood assertively established in the pacy Alarippu set to the tricky Tisra Dhruvam. The posturing particularly came through vividly beautiful in the kriti, which was preceded by sloka. The way she held her mime to the reposeful tempo singing of the sloka lines testified to her maturity ..


- The Hindu, Chennai